Jose Perez

For more than two decades, Jose Perez worked in construction management, traveling to various parts of the country. While he always enjoyed activities such as running and weight lifting it wasn't until he met, Micheal Meadows, and training with Micheal that he realized he wanted to change career fields and become a certified personal trainer.

In the past Jose found great joy in helping his friends and co-workers learn to lift weights and get in shape. 

Jose is a very intelligent and highly motivated individual. English is his second language and he taught himself to study and receive the Certification in English. This speaks volumes about his intelligence, drive and determination.  

He applies these same traits when training his clients.  He has now been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 5 years and his clients love him because of the results they achieve. 

Micheal Meadows says he is very proud of the hard work Jose Perez put into his extensive six months of on-the-job training and rigorous course study work through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, (AFAA).  In June 2018, Jose was awarded his Certified Personal Training diploma.

Jose loves working with all clients, whatever their age. Jose says, "It's my personal goal to make each client feel comfortable and important.  I want them to look forward to our workouts at the studio. Some clients might be just starting out or some have been working out for some time. Before I develop a work out plan for my clients, I always take the time to first understand their goals, limitations and any health conditions they might have."

Known as being a supportive and encouraging personal trainer, Jose focuses on each client's mobility, balance and flexibility. With a balanced workout plan, every client is able to have greater function and enjoyment in life. "It all comes down to making sure my clients are working out properly to prevent injuries. My job is not only to motivate them but to make sure they are also using proper form. That's something people can't do on their own in a big gym." Jose added.

Jose is currently accepting new clients and looks forward to helping you meet your fitness goals.